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Pitfalls of Adopting Agile for Marketing | CMG Partners

Posted by Barre Hardy on Jun 2, 2015 9:42:24 PM

As a firm with more than three years experience researching and practicing Agile for Marketing (A4M), we have seen some common challenges emerge. We've found the overarching misunderstanding to be viewing A4M as a way to just "move work along" instead of a way to learn and improve your marketing performance.

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Topics: Marketing Performance, Agile Marketing

You Say 'Fail Fast' Like It's A Good Thing | CMG Partners

Posted by Mary Edwards on May 4, 2015 9:52:02 PM

People don't like failure. When we talk to marketers about Agile for Marketing and its benefits, we tout a key benefit as "Failing Fast". Considering the fear of failure in business culture, I feel this bears further explanation.

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Topics: Marketing Performance, Agile Marketing

Seven Steps To Implementing A Marketing Balanced Scorecard

Posted by Mike Johnson on Dec 15, 2014 8:04:52 PM

Big data, small data, brand awareness, margin, fill rate, customer satisfaction, net promoter, marketing ROI, churn, brand relevance, CTC, conversion, revenue, cycle time, new product sales mix, snapshot view, trended views…the list goes on and on. The pervasiveness of information and data leaves no shortage of metrics for marketing leaders to pay attention to. But how do you know which measure truly drives marketing performance and aligns to overall business goals?

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Topics: Marketing Performance, KPIs, Measuring Marketing

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